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Thursday 23 Feb, 2017
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Staff picks for summer

After the snow has melted, a whole new world opens up in and around Åre. Below are some staff favourites when it comes to activities, field trips and secret spots for summer and autumn. You have a couple of hours all to yourself – what do you do? Hike or trail run around the little peak Totthummeln / Malin, Spa Supervisor Take a little trip in my kayak on Åre lake / Eva, Hotel Director Go for a run in Ullådalen. I stay away from the trails – it's easy to navigate with the surrounding peaks there since it's open / Ulrika, Revenue Manager I hang out on the cliffs by Tegforsen, maybe with a fishing rod, and just relax / Frida, temp. Hotel Manager You have a full day with your friends or family – what's on the schedule? We pack some snacks and go to Ullån, a wonderful creek for swimming. Natural water slides and little swimming holes make it perfect for kids.  / Malin, Spa Supervisor We hike up to Åreskutan, have coffee in the café on the top and then take the cable lift back down / Frida, temp. Hotel Manager We ride our bikes up to Ullådalen and reward ourselves with a swim in Ullån / Albin, Front Desk Agent We pack a picnic lunch and hang out by Åre lake beach / Åsa, Meetings & Event Manager You have visitors from far away – what would you never let them miss? A trip to Ullådalen for a taste of the real arctic mountains. Coffee at Fröå Mine is also a winner. / Ulrika, Revenue Manager Tännforsen (the largest waterfall in Sweden) for a moment of pure natural power. / Frida, vik. Hotellchef A trip on foot or by bike around Blanktjärn in nearby Vålådalen is always beautiful and exotic. / Åsa, Meetings & Event manager Up to impressive Åreskutan on foot or by cable lift. I also like to play tour guide and take them to all the historic buildings in the village. / Albin, Front Desk Agent

Kids in the summer mountains – our picks for families

Skiing is the given activity in wintertime, but what do you do with kids in Åre in summer? It's a common question. And the answer is, a lot is hidden under the snow. Summertime in Åre actually offers a lot more diversity than winter. For starters the mountains, right outside the hotel, offers unlimited access to a giant playground. Here are our picks for a happy family vacation in Åre: Children up to 7 The raw nature is an unbeatable adventure for the little ones. Right outside the hotel you can take a short hike, including balancing boards and lots to discover. Drinking fresh snow melt water out of a mountain creek, spotting an arctic lemming or a reindeer and eating berries from wild bushes are some highlights that are free and simple. Carrying your own little backpack with a snack or heating up soup on an outdoor stove takes it even further. Nearby things to do – Millest Moose Garden: Meet and greet live moose in all their glory – Tännforsens Waterfall: Sweden's largest waterfall is loud, splashy and fascinating for all ages. The short hike from the parking is just the right challenge for little kids. – Åre bergbana: The old cable train is over a hundred years old and takes you from Åre main square on a steep ride up the hill to Fjällgården. You can bring a stroller on the train. Walk or ride down. – Kid friendly hikes: Hiking doesn't have to be that challenging. Åre offers plenty of simple hikes and strolls, where you can even bring a baby stroller. – Åre kabinbana: Take the cable lift all the way up to the peak of majestic Åreskutan, where you can usually have a snow fight in the middle of summer. You can bring a baby stroller in the lift. – Kid's hours at Copperhill Mountain Lodge Spa: Swim inside, sit in the hottub outside, take a sauna and relax. The warm spa pool water is perfect for all ages. Children are welcome 8–11 am and 3–6 pm with parents. All other times the age limit is 15. – Kid's corner: Our playroom on level 1 where you can draw, play, watch a movie and just be kids. Led activities are offered on certain school holidays. Children 8–13 With bigger children a full day hike is a fun option. It's good to have specific goal in mind, and maybe a reward somewhere along the hike. Maybe a snack break, a ski lift or a swim in a little lake. A lot of the activities listed under teenagers would be suitable for younger kids as well. Climbing a peak is a fun challenge for a lot of kids. Nearby things to do – Njarka Sameläger: Through a lasso and learn about sami traditions and lifestyle. Perfect for information thirsty tweenies! – Fröå Copper Mine: It's now accident that our hotel is called Copperhill and is full of copper details. This mountain was a thriving copper mine during 300 years. At Fröå Gruva, a little house and the remains are still left. Guided tours or discovery on your own. Snacks served on site. – Fishing: Most kids get excited about the idea of catching your own dinner. Read about fishing around Åre here. – Canoeing: A nice, quiet activity suitable for any child who can sit still for a while. Åre lake on a calm day is stunning. – River rafting: There are a number of rivers around Åre, many of which offer family friendly rafting. – Åreskutan return: Climb the majestic mount Åreskutan and take the cable lift down. Or ride up and hike down. – Kid's hours at Copperhill Mountain Lodge Spa: Swim inside, sit in the hottub outside, take a sauna and relax. The warm spa pool water is perfect for all ages. Children are welcome 8–11 am and 3–6 pm with parents. All other times the age limit is 15. Teenagers For teenagers, Åre is a buffet of adrenaline kicks and new discoveries. Nearby things to do – Mountain biking: Downhill in Åre Bike Park or cross country (check these picks from Åre Bergscyklister) – Horse back riding: Touring on a horse back is a great way of seeing the mountains. Åre Ridcenter offers full and half day tours starting at Vålådalen near Åre. – Trail running: At the hotel we offer a trail running package, which includes a little pocket size guide to good trail running on hiking trails. Maybe a greater challenge to some teenagers than hiking? – Peak climbing: Three peaks is the name of a challenge where you climb three iconic Åre peaks, then walk into the local tourism office and collect your diploma. This is a mission with a clear goal. – SUP: Stand up Paddle on Åre lake is fun, challenging and a great outdoor experience. Rent a board or take a guided tour with Explore Åre. – Zipline: Not even the most introvert, angry teenager will be left unaffected by a half day on a zipline in Åre.


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