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Northern Lights Package

Northern Lights Package

Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis – is the A-list celebrity amongst natural phenomena. In our Northern Lights Package we cannot guarantee that it’s on – but we can guarantee that we’ll wake you up when it strikes.

This drama of the sky happens when electrons from the sun enters the atmosphere with the solar wind, and collide with air atoms. The atoms get increased energy in the collisions and radiate this energy in the form of light. The electrons follow the magnetic fields of the earth, and therefore the northern lights (or southern lights in the southern hemisphere) are only visible close to the poles. In Åre, chances to spot Aurora Borealis are good during the entire winter. The phenomenon takes place all year, but it’s the darkness of winter that makes it visible and florescent. To see the norther lights, you also need a clear night sky, good visibility to the north and minimal amounts of artificial light.

You can book our package when the peak season for seeing the northern lights is: in autumn and winter. Our placement on the top of a mountain, with limited streetlights and development makes for front row seats and a magical experience. To learn more about this phenomenon and to stay up to date with the forecast, we recommend a visit to Aurora Forecast or the Swedish site  Norrsken i Sverige or if you have a Facebook account, Norrsken i Sverige on Facebook.

Dates for this offer:  September 29 2016–Februari 28 2017.
Price: Starting at SEK 1645 for a double room.
Includes: Accommodation, breakfast, spa* and gym plus a wake-up call when Aurora Borealis is visible or the forecast is very good.
Booking: Book online for the best rate available.
*November 6 to December 15,  2016 we are renovating the indoor and outdoor hot springs. This means part of our spa is closed. The pool, the lounge, the sauna with bucket shower and all treatment rooms are open as usual. 

Package includes

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Spa and gym
  • Wake-up call when Aurora Borealis is visible or forecast




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