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Staff picks for summer


After the snow has melted, a whole new world opens up in and around Åre. Below are some staff favourites when it comes to activities, field trips and secret spots for summer and autumn.

You have a couple of hours all to yourself – what do you do?
Hike or trail run around the little peak Totthummeln / Malin, Spa Supervisor
Take a little trip in my kayak on Åre lake / Eva, Hotel Director
Go for a run in Ullådalen. I stay away from the trails – it’s easy to navigate with the surrounding peaks there since it’s open / Ulrika, Revenue Manager
I hang out on the cliffs by Tegforsen, maybe with a fishing rod, and just relax / Frida, temp. Hotel Manager

You have a full day with your friends or family – what’s on the schedule?
We pack some snacks and go to Ullån, a wonderful creek for swimming. Natural water slides and little swimming holes make it perfect for kids.  / Malin, Spa Supervisor
We hike up to Åreskutan, have coffee in the café on the top and then take the cable lift back down / Frida, temp. Hotel Manager
We ride our bikes up to Ullådalen and reward ourselves with a swim in Ullån / Albin, Front Desk Agent
We pack a picnic lunch and hang out by Åre lake beach / Åsa, Meetings & Event Manager

You have visitors from far away – what would you never let them miss?
A trip to Ullådalen for a taste of the real arctic mountains. Coffee at Fröå Mine is also a winner. / Ulrika, Revenue Manager
Tännforsen (the largest waterfall in Sweden) for a moment of pure natural power. / Frida, vik. Hotellchef
A trip on foot or by bike around Blanktjärn in nearby Vålådalen is always beautiful and exotic. / Åsa, Meetings & Event manager
Up to impressive Åreskutan on foot or by cable lift. I also like to play tour guide and take them to all the historic buildings in the village. / Albin, Front Desk Agent