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Irma & Nuria

The newest addition to our conference rooms. Nicely designed with breathtaking views. Perfect for small meetings, group sessions and board meetings.


Together with designer Jon Eliasson we have built two new board meeting rooms. Mr Eliason has been a major part of the renovation of our bar and the lobby and has designed most of the furnitures in these rooms. Here you can sit comfortably during the board meeting, the creative group meeting or during that long meeting with your colleague who loves powerpoints. The boardroom has a magnificent view of the amazing mountains and are a perfect complement to the larger conference rooms we have in the house.

  • Irma – up to 17 persons
  • Nuria – up to 9 persons
  • Large windows with blackout curtains lets the daylight in
  • Wi-Fi, whiteboard, smart TV and sound system
Size24 m²14 m²
Length6 m3,5 m
Width4 m4 m
Ceiling height3 m3 m

Our rooms

C1-C3 Conference rooms

Our largest conference rooms are located on the ground floor with room for up to 400 people.

C4-C6 Conference rooms

On the entrance floor, three conference rooms are located – all with panoramic windows towards Åreskutan. The biggest room can be divided into two smaller rooms.

Irma & Nuria

2 new board room with stunning views of the mountains.

Irma takes 17 people and Nuria 9.

Coppermine Co.

On the bottom floor is our banquet hall Coppermine Co. located. It  is named after the Swedish-American mining company Duluth-Huså Copper Mine Co.


In the hotel there are several lounges that make natural meeting places for both work and socializing. The open spaces are suitable for coffee brakes, group work and mingle.


With a ceiling height of 29 metres, a copper wall with an area of 236 m2 and 185 centimetres wide entrance doors, only your imagination sets the limits for your event.

The Villa

A perfect choice for groups that value discretion, privacy and exclusivity.