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Design, art & architecture

Design, art & architecture

Architect the romantic modernist

“The thing that initially tickled us was the challenge of designing an environment on this fabulous peak for many people to enjoy, to create a spectacular building in concert with the wonderful setting”

Peter Bohlin has Swedish ancestry and is today regarded as one of the best in his profession. The architecture firm of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson was founded in 1965 and now has offices in Wilkes-Barre, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle and Berkeley. It has received more than 290 awards. The villa owned by Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, is one of their most notable projects in the last few years, where twenty other firms competed for the job. Copperhill is Bohlin’s first project in Scandinavia.

“For me, the intuitive is as important as the intellectual,” says Peter Bohlin. “However different the jobs may be, the challenge is always the same – to succeed in sensing what is unique and suitable for each specific place, and understanding how people want to live or work there. Then you have to realise those needs in a way that fascinates and inspires and works.”


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  • "Ute" by Charlotte Gyllenhammar

    By the hotel entrance you find Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s (born 1963) small bronze sculpture Ute from 2004. A small girl who has just been dressed in warm clothes to go out in the cold. An encounter both moving and worrying – a lonely child – in a hotel lobby.

    Charlotte is one of Sweden’s premier artists of her generation. She often works autobiographycally, and with a proximity and sensitivity to the relation between the child and the adult.

  • "Drivhus" by David Svensson

    In the ground floor lounge you find three photographs of greenhouses, by artist David Svensson (bord 1073) from Malmö. David likes to work with electrical lightning: flourescent light, chandeliers and pictures of light sources. These greenhouses shine like lamps in the the landscape during the dark time of the year.

  • "Paintings paintings" by Sverre Wyller

    In the lounge bar you will find three paintings by Norwegian artist Sverre Wyller (born 1953). They are painted on road signs, produced just like ordinary tin signs along the roads, but with Sverre’s new texts and symbols.

    The blue paintings bear the geographical names Kiruna – Narvik, a pair of words that describe both distance and connection, kind of like Romeo and Juliet. The yellow sign bear the words Grense Jakobselv, which is Norway’s border point to Russia, in the very north. Copperhill is located on the top of Åre-Björnen, in the end of the road. Thus the road signs remind us about travelling, arriving to this unique hotel and departing.

  • "Irma och Nuria" by Jaume Plensa

    Outside the restaurant, in front of the helipad, you will find two glowing sculptures by Spanish sculptur Jaume Plensa (born 1955). They are visible from all floors and fill the patio with their charged appearance.

    A conversation between two women, eyes closed, as in an internal dialogue. Irma, the elderly, is from the Dominican Republic. She works as a maid in Barcelona. Nuria, the young woman, is the daughter of the family who runs Barcelona’s best Chinese restaurant.

    Jaume Plensa is one of the most prominent and sought-after sculptors in the world today, with major exhibitions not only throughout Europe but increasingly in the U.S. and Japan.
    His works are often based on literary models: William Blake, Oscar Wilde etc. The sculptures are custom made for Copperhill, cast in fiberglass in Barcelona, sandblasted and fitted with 6 lamps in each head, that can be dimmed according to day and season. The surrounding stone is marble from southern Spain.

    The Spanish words that are “tattooed” in the women’s faces describe turmoil and stress – the opposite of what their serene faces are showing. The words on Irma’s face says Enfermedad (Disease), Hambre (Hunger) and Insomnia (Insomnia) – all of which plagues those forced to live in a prison. Nuria says Ansiedad (Worry), Panico (Panic) and Histeria (Hysteria) – which affect many in the modern world’s stressed existence.

    In winter, the sculptures will shine like snow lamps, in the summer nights like lanterns – visible far out across the valley. With their light and image of intimate meetings, the sculptures can become symbols for Copperhill.

  • ”Minneapolis, Mississippi”, by Axel Hütte

    Photograph C-print 2006

    At the hotel reception you find an illuminating, urban motive, in stark contrast
    to the wilderness surrounding us. The photograph is created by two layers,
    one printed on metal and one printed on glass, which create a dynamic and
    three-dimensional effect.

    The image shifts with the light and almost glows in
    the dark. Axel Hütte, known as the ”landscape painter” among contemporary
    photographers, is born 1951 in Essen, Germany. He lives in Düsseldorf, but is
    working and exhibited all over the world

  • "Illuminator", av David Svensson

    Steel / fabric

    Illuminator creates light and life in an otherwise dull area, above the stairs. This
    lamp has been shown on several exhibitions before it came to the hotel.