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A design hotel by international standards.

It all started as a vision to create something never before had been done in Sweden.

The result was a hotel at the end of the road, 730 metres above sea level, designed by one of the most prominent architects in the world. The offer to design the hotel went to the American architect Peter Bohlin and his firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Already from the start, much emphasis was laid on the contrasts between indoors and outdoors. He wanted to bring the astonishing nature inside the building, but at the same time he wanted every detail of the interior to be contemporary. A unique hotel, with natural materials, welcoming social areas and well reasoned solutions.

The hotel is almost entirely made of wood, which makes it one of Europe’s biggest wooden constructions, and our guests are welcomed by a lobby with 22 metres ceiling height, a fireplace that reaches all the way to the ceiling, and a copper wall with an area of 230 m2.

The name, Copperhill, goes back to the 18th century and the copper mining around Fröå (about 2 km from the hotel) that was in operation until the beginning of the 20th century. The mining area is well preserved and is today a frequently visited place for tourists, during the summer as well as winter.

The hotel, which is the biggest private enterprise in the history of Åre, was owned by the Dutch investors Peter Kat and Frans Scholtes until August 2009, when Petter Stordalen’s estate company bought the hotel and thereby made it part of Nordic Choice Hotels.

Now we are ready to create yet another era by hopefully putting the spade in the ground on Förberget behind the hotel. Together with the Canadian star architect Todd Saunders, we will create a number of buildings, including small cottages, a chapel, a dining room and a spa. Full consideration will be taken to the fantastic nature on the mountain, which means that no trees will be cut, no areas will be sacrificed for roads or parking spots and no chunky house foundations will be constructed. That is a good way of making history, we believe.