Conference room

These rooms are 50 m² and are located on the ground floor with panoramic windows towards Åredalen and Skutan.

Room information

There are three meeting rooms on the hotel's ground floor, each with panoramic windows facing Åreskutan. Two of the rooms can be opened up to a large one.

This rooms are suitable for meetings, conferences and dinners for 15 to 90 people.


  • Up to 90 people
  • Lots of natural light, adjustable with darkening curtains
  • Same floor as the restaurant and lobby bar
  • Wifi, whiteboard, projector and sound system

Conference booking

Welcome to contact the conference booking at the hotel for information and booking of meetings and events at Copperhill Mountain Lodge.


Phone: +46 647-143 00

C4 C5 C4+C5 C6
Size 50 sqm 50 sqm 100 sqm 50 sqm
Cinema seating 40 p 50 p 90 p 40 p
Classroom 24 p 24 p 40 p 24 p
U-table 24 p 24 p 40 p 22 p
Dinner 30 p 30 p 60 p 40 p
Length 8 m 8 m 16 m 8 m
Width 6,5 m 6,5 m 6,5 m 6,5 m
Height of the ceiling 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m
Daylight Yes Yes Yes Yes

All rooms

The Villa

A unique ski lodge with meeting rooms and beds for up to 16 people. A perfect choice for groups who value discretion, privacy and exclusivity.
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With 29 meters ceiling height, a 236 square meter copper wall and 185cm. wide entrance doors, it is only the imagination that sets the limit for your event.
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Around the hotel there are lounges that creates natural meeting places for both work and social interaction.
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Coppermine Co. banquet hall

On the middle floor of the hotel is our Coppermine Co. banquet hall, which takes its name from the Swedish-American mining company Duluth-Huså Copper Mine Co. that operated on the site ...
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Conference room Irma & Nuria

Two exclusive boardrooms with magnificent views of the mountain world. Irma takes 17 people and Nuria 9. Works great as a group room, boardroom or for other smaller sittings.
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Conference room C1-C3

With its own entrance and technology room, our largest meeting room houses up to 400 people. Perfect for larger groups, conferences, courses, fairs and launch events.
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