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Travel Green - hybrid car included


Travel here by train and explore the surroundings with one of our hybrid cars from BMW

Like the rest of our hotels in Nordic Choice Hotels, we care a lot about the environment. Everything you eat with us is completely palm-oil free and we try to offer ecological and near-produced options as far as possible. We are ISO 14001 certified, which means that we measure and constantly improve ourselves in water consumption, waste, chemicals, energy and transport.

Now we also want to go outside the foyer and encourage environmentally-friendly travelers to us. If you book this package and choose train as your transport to Åre, we will pick you up by one of our BMW hybrids at the train station. If you stay with us for three days or more, you will then be able to borrow the same BMW for two days. Of course we will then drop you at the station when it’s time to leave. So: take the train and explore the surroundings with a new, environmentally friendly car from BMW.

There are a variety of excursions to choose from; Tännforsen Sweden’s largest waterfall, Njarka Sameläger, Fröå Mining area are some of them, read more at or ask our staff about their best tips. The offer is valid for a limited number of rooms from 1 July to 15 December and can not be combined with other offers.