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Travel light

From 747 SEK/PERS/Night in double room

The Houdini package is a collaboration with our friends over at Houdini Sportswear that lets you rent your ski outfit during your stay.

When you arrive, a neatly folded package will be waiting at your bed, consisting of the latest state of the art shell layer ski wear hand picked for you and your family. By renting instead of buying, you minimize environmental impact while also trimming the size and weight of your travel suit case. Houdini Sportswear has won numerous awards for their innovative and environmentally sound sportswear, while also making some of the most beautiful garments we’ve ever seen.

All Houdini ski garments are free from flourocarbons and as recyclable as a PET-bottle.


1 part
Fri-Mon morning 400 sek
Wed-Mon 600 sek
Week 800 sek

2 parts
Fri-Mon morning 700 sek
Wed-Mon 1100 sek
Week 1400 sek