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Bar & Coffee

The lobby is the heart of the building. Here you will find a warm atmosphere and a place to relax. Besides all the hot and cold beverages offered in the bar, you will also notice the fragrance of fresh bread made in our own ecological bakery.


Hamburger 195 kr
Cheddar, Crispy onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Dijonnaise

“Half Special” 125 kr
Sausage from Undersåker, Mashed Potatoes, Mustard, Prawn salad, roasted onions

Fish Stew 239 kr
Fish, Shellfish, Tomato, Saffron, Rouille

Pickle And Booze 125/25 kr
Smetana Honey. With or without Vodka

Pigs Neck 115 kr
Air dried, Sherry, Almonds

Nuts 30 kr

Potatochips 30 kr

(all dishes can be served as half portions for children)


Lady Of The High Coast 139 kr
We take Sweden ́s own Herno Gin voted the world’s best
gin in 2017 and combine it delicately with flavours of
orange, grapefruit and lemon. The addition of the unmistakable
taste of cloudberries finish this drink off perfectly *contains egg white

5 Star Martini 139 kr
Spiced Rum, Licor 43 and Amaretto shaken up alongside the fresh espresso coffee and Copperhill’s Secret Spiced honey. Perfect way to finish of your dinner or great as a lateafternoon pick me up

Community 75, 139 kr
Locally brewed Community IPA is at the forefront of this cocktail, we have added flavours oforange and lemon to compliment the citrus notes of the IPA along with the faintest hint of vanilla

Winter Mule 139 kr
We swapped out the vodka and have added in Hennessey brandy infused with black tea, apple, cinnamon and raisins in this festive twist on the much-loved Moscow Mule

It´s Chile This Year 139 kr
So Luckily this drink can be ordered hot or cold! Capel Pisco from the mountains of Chile shaken with the delicious apple and pear, spiced up with
warming cardamom and almond

Lemon Meringue 139 kr
Dessert cocktail at its very best it tastes exactly as it sounds – creamy and delicious

Coffee And Smoke 139 kr
Svensk Rök peated whiskey stirred down with coffee liqueur and sweet Vermouth. Short and perfectly balanced so you can really appreciate the flavours

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