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Dinner – a joy for all senses

We have composed a menu that is diverse and familiar with well-cooked dishes, but at the same time we think there should always be an interesting alternative to choose. We call it diversity with an edge. Challenge yourself and enjoy the very best our chefs can offer. Everything is made with love, attention and finesse.

This winter we will serve our popular wood-baked pizzas in Coppermine. We will also have an expanded menu with more delicious bistro dishes. More information about menus is coming soon. Coppermine has open 25  Dec-5  Jan, 18 Feb-2 March and 18 April-24 April.


Renhjärta och vargtass 25/125 sek

Mushroom consummé 105 sek
Crispy brussel sprouts – Oyster mushroom – “Klimp dumpling” – Onion

Smoked Perch 125 sek
Spiced cheese créme – Pickled mustard seeds – Chives – Red onion – Browned butter

A bowl of shrimp 180 sek
Homemade mayonnaise – Lemon – Buttered sourdough bread

Pâté sandwich 120 sek
Homemade pâté – Pickled gherkin – Bacon – Cress – Rye bread

Souvas “Pelle Janzon” 200 sek
Smoked and cured reindeer – Vendace roe – Ryebread – Baked yolk – Crispy onion

Blackned Tartar 145/215 sek
Crispy brisket – Marrow mayonnaise – Pickled mushroom – Roasted hazelnuts – Crispy kale – Cured eggyolk. Large or small. Large comes with chips

Main menu

Baked Butternut squash 175 sek
Fried broccoli – Broccoli cremè – Mushroom – Toasted pumpkin seeds – Deep fried garlic

Braised ox cheek 255 sek 
Chanterelles – Onions – Red wine sauce

En bit kött 275 sek
Meat dish. May vary from day to day, ask your waiter what the kitchen offers.

Trondheims white fish 275 sek
Brussel sprouts – Dill fried carrot – Langoustine sauce

All dishes will be served with mashed potatoes and all dishes can be served as half portions for children

We recommend

3-course menu 425/770

Smoked Perch
Spiced cheese créme – Pickled mustard seeds – Chives – Red onion
– Browned butter
Åre Bryggcompagni öl* (beer)

Braised ox cheek
Chanterelles – Onions- Red wine sauce
Fontanafredda Nebbiolo, Italy*

Caramelized vanilla creme
Doughnuts – Cloudberries
– Roasted almond chops
Brännlands ice cider*

Coffee – chocolate truffle

* Our drink package 345

6-course tastingmenu 850
Drink package 395

The tasting menu is a six-course menu superbly composed with the best courses from our meny. For current menu and more info, ask your waiter.
Please order 24 hours in advance

Dessert / Desserts

Baked Chocolate 110 sek
Bilberry Ice cream – Punch soaked bilberries – Praline

Caramelized vanilla creme 115 sek
Doughnuts – Cloudberries – Roasted almond chops

Sorbet 45 sek
Ask your waitress for tonight´s flavour

Chocolate Truffle 35 sek
Ask your waitress for tonight´s flavour

Seven kinds of biscuits 7 sek per piece
From our own bakery

All Timers

Toast Skagen 135/235 sek
Prawn toast with sourdough bread

Copperhill´s Autumn salad 165 sek
Roasted celeriac – Dried apple – Walnuts – Kale – Blue cheese

Hamburger 195 sek
Chuck or Portobello. Aged cheese – Homemade ketchup – Pickles – Mustard – Tomato – Onion – Pommes frites

Mushroom toast 175 sek
With chanterelles – Västerbottencheese – Pickles – Sourdough bread

Pasta 145 sek
Pasta Pappardelle – Roasted cauliflower – Lemon – Almonds – Pecorino cheese

Apple crumble 75 sek
Homemade vanilla ice cream