Revsunds Brewery & Distillery | February 21

Revsunds Brewery offers local craft beer from Jämtland. With clever names and exciting flavors, Revsunds Brewery takes over the bar at Copperhill on February 21. Take the opportunity to taste favorites like "Badass" and "HoBo With a Beergun". For those who like gin, it will also be presented new, exciting flavors from Revsunds Distillery during the evening.

About Revsunds Brewery & Distillery:
Revsunds Brewery was founded in 2016 and brewed its first beer in Revsund, located in Bräcke. The company strives to offer products with a local connection in name, design and taste. The brewery is a smaller model but the products are nevertheless several.

Revsund's Distillery was launched in 2019 and has produced its first Gin products. The goal is to continue in the same spirit as Revsunds Brewery by experimenting with nice and new flavors in the distilled products.

Read more about Revsunds Brewery here:

Location: The Bar at Copperhill Mountain Lodge
When: February 21
Time: 4 pm
Price: You only pay for what you buy


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