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Sustainability and
social responsibility

If you are surrounded by nature, you will gladly
care for it a little extra.

Our responsibility

We constantly try to minimize the environmental impact, even far away from the hotel entrance. Below we summarize a little of what we do. Please contact us if you want to learn more. This issue is something we are really dedicated to and something we love to talk about.

Environmental certification

We comply to ISO 14001, which means that we every year set up new targets concerning all consumption with regard to water, waste, chemicals and electricity, thereby contributing to the targets targets centrally set by Nordic Choice Hotels. We do annual audits in order to be able to continue to implement the certification, and our vision is that it should be more eco-friendly to stay with us than to be at home.


Within Nordic Choice Hotels, much focus is on food with the help of inspirational Gunhild Stordalen who founded the EAT Foundation, which is a foundation with the ambition to make us eat more healthy and eco-friendly food for a sustainable growth of our planet.

We try to contribute in this way:

  • We use locally produced products as much as possible
  • We do not use products containing palm oil
  • All our guests shall have the opportunity to have a complete breakfast with only ecological ingredients
  • All our food waste is weighed, and shortly we will, as the first hotel in Åre, pass it on for biogas production
UNICEF – Sweet Dreams

Via UNICEF, all hotels in Nordic Choice Hotels support several local centres in Cambodia that take care of children who are the victims of human trafficking. In these centres they will get a bed to sleep in, they will have good nursing and help to go on with their life. This we can do with the help of our guests. Just by staying at our hotel, you will contribute. The more guests that stay, the more money UNICEF will get. In our reception, you can buy bracelets made by women in some of the centres we support. The entire amount of money goes back to the centre.


Copperhill Mountain Lodge supports the organisation NETWORK that, since the last ten years, works in Romania. Their mission is to support vulnerable children and families with firewood and milk, but also with help to self-help and education. Since 1 January 2012 we contribute with one Swedish krona per room night to NETWORK’S mission. Apart from that, a branch of the organisation designs our uniforms, bow ties and leather belts, and we also sell their products in our shop.