Sustainability & Social Responsibility

If you are surrounded by nature, you feel the need to protect it.

We are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact and we want to take responsibility that also extends far beyond the hotel entrance. Below we describe a little briefly what we do. Please let us know if you want to know more, this is something we are passionate about and are happy to discuss more about!

- We are ISO 14001 certified, which means that we set new targets annually for all consumption of water, waste, chemicals and electricity to contribute to the centrally set targets of Nordic Choice. We have annual audits to maintain the certification and the vision is that living with us will be more environmentally friendly than living at home. The long-term goal for us and the whole chain is to be climate neutral by 2030

Today, we put a strong focus on food throughout Nordic Choice. The ambition is to get us to eat healthier and more environmentally friendly food in order to achieve sustainable growth on our planet. 

Here's how we try to contribute:

  • We work with as much local food as we can and change the menu based on the season
  • We have removed all products containing palm oil
  • All our guests should have the opportunity to have a full breakfast consisting of only organic ingredients
  • All fish we serve are MSC certified
  • We sort out all food waste and pass it on for biogas extraction.
  • We have replaced much of the red meat in our menus and our groups are always given the option to choose green menus for the whole party. 

No need to buy brand new set of ski clothes for your trip! Thanks to our partnership with Elevenate, you can borrow it from us for free during your stay at the hotel (subject to availability). If you then want to buy your own, you know it's a piece of clothing you'll like and that will last a long time thanks to Elevenate's high quality. Elevenate is an Åre-based company that are experts in clothing for the mountain, founded by a mountain guide and a freeskier. All garments are designed and tested right outside our door on beautiful Åreskutan.

The women's helpline in
Åre consists only of volunteers, and at present the finances only allow for telephone helplines and chat during limited hours. There are big visions of how they can help all the municipality's women and how they get schools, workplaces and associations to act against men's violence against women. We at Copperhill Mountain Lodge have decided that we will use various means to ensure that the Women's Shelter can help more fellow sisters to a better life. One of these is to donate money for each day you skip cleaning of the room you stay in.  

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