Welcome to Sunday Lunch 27 November!
At 10.30 am, the talented Emma will be doing yoga and at 11.30 am our lovely brunch buffet will be set up in Fireside. Good for your body, mind and stomach!

About Emma
Emma is 34 years old and a certified yoga teacher from the Netherlands. 3 years ago she started working as a waitress with us and stayed in the village, which we are very happy about! Emma studied and practiced yoga for 10 years before finishing her training in Thailand in 2016. Since then she has taught yoga in Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and Italy. She now leads hatha , vinyasa and yin classes at SATS here in Åre. Emma's classes are held in English.

Hatha Yoga
This is a yoga form that aims to balance the energies of the body and mind and evoke the feeling of happiness, relaxation and well-being. Emma's classes are structured and mix the down-to-earth with the spiritual and suit all levels. The session consists of a mix of breathing exercises, meditation and yoga poses for increased strength, flexibility, mental focus and balance

Price & booking
325 kr incl. brunch, payment at the reception before the session.
Book your spot here or via


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