Restaurant and bar

For us, food is important. We always cook it with care and great ingredients, and season with experience and love for craftsmanship. The foundation of our Nordic menu is local products. Both the fish, the meat, the mushrooms, our berries and some of our beers come from our neighborhood. We let the season and its various ingredients control the menu as we always want to work on what tastes best right now. Welcome!



A good breakfast is a good start. But then what's good? For us, organic and sourdough bread that we make ourselves is a foundation stone together with carefully selected breakfast favorites.

Breakfast is included for hotel guests, although external guests are warmly welcome (195kr for adults, 100kr 3-14 years). We also offer our popular breakfast + spa package for 295kr (half price for children up to 14 years)

Note! Due to the , we have limited number of places in both breakfast & spa so call us before and check availability

An experience for everyone


Sit down, enjoy the view and a bite of well-prepared food, or choose from your favourites from the take away lobby menu. Every day we serve a climate-smart soup with freshly baked bread and our All-timers menu.

We continue with our popular lunch buffet during the autumn! The buffet is served every open day from 11.30-15.00 (Sundays 11.30-14.00). We offer one vegetarian dish, one meat or fish dish and a lovely salad. Just mix and eat as much as you want! See our opening hours here

Price: 135 SEK/person, children under 14 years: 65 SEK
(locals with municipal card: 100 SEK)

A magical place


With a menu inspired by the nature around us, our chefs cook with local ingredients, care and feeling. We let the season and its different ingredients control the menu as we always want to work with what tastes best right now. Now we also offer take away, choose from your favorites in our lobby menu.

Please note that there are periods with different opening hours.

Fancy something extra

Bar & Coffee

The lobby is the heart of the house. There is plenty of room to enjoy in a warm atmosphere.

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